2509, 2018

Tech Talk Satire Video Makes The Case For Nature’s Original Technology: Plants  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Ukiah, California, September 25, 2018) – Employing the instantly recognizable performance style tech unveilings made famous by the late Steve Jobs for Apple, with inspiration from thousands of TED Talks videos around the world, Green Plants for Green Buildings released its own video unveiling “a product so

2108, 2018

Your Investment at Work in August 2018

Meet your newest communicators! Pictured above are the latest graduates of the Registered Trainer program who took the training at Cultivate’18 last month. These folks are now authorized to teach architects and designers about Biophilic Design in Fitwel, the WELL Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge and provide them

908, 2018

Your Investment at Work in July 2018

This month, we've leveraged your support to present "Building Wellness into Buildings” at Cultivate'18. We were honored to have Sonja Bochart and Richard Piacentini, two leaders in the field of biophilic design share their experiences with wellness building certifications (WELL, the Living Building Challenge and Fitwel).  Sonja led interactive workshops

407, 2018

Your Investment at Work in June 2018

This month's message isn't about GPGB. It’s about what some of the HENA growers on the Big Island of Hawaii are experiencing.  Three out of HENA's seven board members have lost their nurseries and homes. Atmospheric conditions due to volcanic gas are damaging other floral and foliage crops not directly

1705, 2018

Your Investment at Work in May 2018

Thanks to our Supporters, we’ve completed the work on GPGB’s latest course for building professionals, Biophilic Design in Fitwel, the WELL Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge. It is accredited and ready for presentation by GPGB Registered Trainers and at conferences across the US.

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