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Hong Kong Tower offering ‘nature on every doorstep’

Niall Patrick Walsh
By Niall Patrick Walsh
Archinect News
Image credit: Ronald Lu & Partners

Hong Kong-based Ronald Lu & Partners has completed a residential development in Kowloon described as a “real forest building.” Named Garden Crescent, the scheme was designed with the philosophy of “nature on every doorstep.”

Externally, the building features slanted structural supports to create solid and void spaces that are designed to create multiple avenues for natural ventilation and passive cooling. On the podium level, the scheme’s biophilic elements include a landscape of trees, shrubs, and plants aimed at improving air quality, reducing the urban heat island effect, and enhancing the local microclimate.

As the tower rises, voids in the form create six multi-layered green courtyards. Designed to be fully accessible to birds and insects in an effort to repopulate the area’s biodiversity, the courtyards are also intended to give residents immediate access to nature, “giving them the visual delight of watching trees and plants bloom, grow, and change through the seasons,” according to the team…

Bringing Nature in:
2024 Biophilic Interior Design Ideas for Apartments

By Alexandra Both
Apartment Living

Welcome to 2024, where the buzzword in apartment living is “biophilic design.” Goodbye bland beige and brutalist grey! Hello, green and blue! This always fresh and exciting trend is all about bringing a slice of nature into our urban nests. Think of it as your personal green retreat in the concrete jungle.

Biophilic interior design goes beyond just adding a plant or two; it’s about weaving the essence of the great outdoors into every nook of your city pad. For those of us living in crammed apartments and craving a touch of tranquility and a deeper connection to nature, biophilic design is our ticket to a more mindful, serene living space. It’s all about turning those compact urban corners into havens of health and happiness.

A key aspect of biophilic design is utilizing natural shapes, textures and reclaimed or sustainable materials in apartments. Think wood, bamboo, stone, metal, cotton and more. So, in 2024 rentals, we can expect to see a prevalence of flowing organic forms, natural wood finishes, stone surfaces, woven textures and greenery. These elements bring the textures of the outdoors inside, creating a space that is both soothing and inspiring. Plus, using neutral color palettes will allow these intriguing details to become the focal points…

GPGB Quarterly Video Supporter Video Call
Featuring Mike Senneff
Topic: Interior Industry Growth Fund

Thank you to all who joined the call, January 11, 2024 to hear from industry expert, Mike Senneff. These calls help engage, build community, and allow for networking with others in the industry! Get inspiration, give feedback, and participate in open Q&A. If you are available, please participate on the next call for GPGB Supporters!

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GPGB President Speaking at TPIE

It’s almost time for the 2024 Tropical Plant International Expo, aka TPIE!
Jan looks forward to TPIE every year, and we are so excited to announce that she will also be speaking during the two-day event!
When: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (EST) Thursday, January 18, 2024
Where: Broward County Convention Center
About: As we bid adieu to the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next year. In this session, we’ll reflect on the incredible holiday experience Jan Goodman and the Cityscapes team created for their clients. Drawing inspiration from the White Rabbit, they crafted a whimsical and magical theme that truly transported guests to another world. Jan will share her insights on how to create a successful holiday experience, from dazzling clients in the holiday decor showroom to delivering over-the-top expectations and strategies for a profitable and successful installation.
Join Jan to discover new design ideas to make your next holiday season truly unforgettable! We’ll see you in Ft. Lauderdale, TPIE!

CEUs: This workshop qualifies attendees to earn 1.5 FNGLA CEU credits.

The Tropical Plant International Expo

January 17-19, 2024

The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is THE trade event showcasing the latest trends in foliage, floral and tropicals.

Connections. Collaboration. Impact.

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What will set you apart?

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The built environment matters more today than ever before. With developers, office managers, and the hospitality industry scrambling for ways to entice people back into their space, your knowledge of nature and being able to explain and incorporate biophilic design into the built environment is critical.

For employers, healthy offices can improve employee satisfaction, decrease absenteeism, and reduce turnover. Millennials, who will soon become the largest workforce cohort, overwhelmingly desire healthy workplaces – 78% believe workplace quality is a deciding factor in a job search, with 69% willing to trade other benefits for better workplaces.

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Biophilic Gallery

Welcome to a world where design meets nature in perfect harmony! Discover the magic of biophilic designs. Embrace the essence of bringing nature home and witness how it transforms spaces into serene sanctuaries. Feel the difference as you breathe easy and live better amidst this biophilic oasis.

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Company: Amogh Designs | Interior |Architecture Firm
Credit: Amogh Designs Instagram

Grouping plants to section off a space creates a softness and an extra level of comfort. Check out this lovely sitting area!

Client: Restor3d
Company: Foliage Concepts
Credit: Foliage Concepts Instagram

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