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As your clients are scrambling to get employees and customers back into their environments they are looking for experts to show them how to stand out. The last thing they need is a super jargon-filled explanation of why biophilic design matters.

Don’t be that vendor that “plantsplains” your potential customer into confusion!

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Instead of confusing your customer help them clearly understand the need for nature in their space and how to get there. With industry leading training and resources from Green Plants for Green Buildings, you can use your expertise to actually grow your business not just increase your vocabulary.

Gain the knowledge you need to confidently and clearly educate your customer and help your clients reap the benefits of incorporating nature into their built environment while growing your bottom line. Become a sponsor today!

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Our seminars will give you the necessary credentials, training, and authority to get in front of architects, landscape architects, designers, building owners and managers, as well as LEED APs to educate them about the many health and productivity benefits of plants in our built environments.

GPGB provides you with content-rich slide decks, scripts, and whitepapers for our Continuing Education presentations on popular design topics such as living walls, green roofs, authentically green interiors, biophilic design, and moss walls.

Why green plants for green buildings

Since 1998 Green Plants For Green Buildings has been a leader in communicating the benefits of nature in the built environment. On top of that, we have been certified by the following organizations in providing continuing education courses.


Learning more about biophilic design and how you can incorporate it into your next project can seem daunting. Don’t worry though, we’ve curated a collection of over 200 resources from some of the top names in the industry. Browse our constantly growing library today and gain the knowledge you need to set you apart.

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With our abundant library of resources, you will be able to reach new customers and grow your business.

The simple to understand economic benefits of biophilic design

It’s no secret, Biophilic design is a complex concept. This free download will give you clear ways on how you can explain this integrate topic in a way everyone can understand. Download it now!

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