The Livingplant™ Video Project

Employing the instantly recognizable performance style tech unveilings made famous by the late Steve Jobs for Apple, with inspiration from thousands of TED Talks videos around the world, Green Plants for Green Buildings, in conjunction with NatureRX, invites you to preview “a product so far ahead of its time, and yet so familiar, intuitive and appealing—it’s a wonder we didn’t see it the whole time.”

The Future of Green Plants for Green Buildings!

We’re excited to welcome Green Plants for Green Buildings’s new President, Jan Goodman of Boston Cityscapes. Jan brings over 30 years of industry and leadership experience to her new role.

Joining her on the 2022 executive board is Kingston White of Morning Dew Tropical Plants and Jeremy Dearringer of NewPro Containers.

Check out the video to learn more from Jan about the future of our organization.

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