2305, 2019

Your Investment at Work in May 2019

Persistence and patience and – what a winning combination. Persistence helps you accomplish your goals and moves you towards your destination, and patience helps you be more fully present and “enjoy the journey”. The merits of this winning combination were revealed to us earlier this month. A year ago, GPGB

2404, 2019

Your Investment at Work in April 2019

There is no doubt about it – biophilic design is having a moment. At GPGB we hope to extend that moment into something much less ephemeral. We’re working towards a future in which biophilic design and access to nature are routinely incorporated into all our human spaces. Your company is

2803, 2019

Your Investment at Work in March 2019

Spring is on the way folks!   Fresh grass is growing, fresh blooms in the parks and gardens, and thanks to GPGB’s donors, a refreshed GREEN ROOFS slide deck. We’ve been working with Supporter Alan Burchell who has updated the content and look of GPGB’s continuing education course for architects,

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Passion is a flower in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.