Stok: The Financial Case for High-Performance Buildings

Stok: The Financial Case for High-Performance BuildingsFeatured Image

Compiling and analyzing the growing body of evidence connecting the built environment to human performance, satisfaction, and wellness, this report outlines the financial benefits to owner- occupants and tenants that invest in High Performance Buildings. The business case for High Performance Buildings (HPBs) traditionally cites energy savings and increased asset value as the most appealing incentives. But another – and arguably greater – form of enhanced value creation that comes through HPBs is rarely discussed: HPBs benefit the people who occupy them, which in turn produces significant positive impacts on a company’s bottom line. This is a remarkable oversight, as companies make tremendous investments in employees by way of the design, construction, and operation of their workspaces, but don’t often draw the full connection between employees and their space. This paper provides commercial real estate owner-occupants and tenants with metrics to evaluate the financial impact of HPBs on occupants.