The Economics of Biophilia-2nd Edition

The Economics of Biophilia-2nd EditionFeatured Image

Biophilic design, or designing experiences of nature, has grown in appeal and scientific justification in the last two decades. Hundreds of studies have identified strong impacts of exposure to nature on many of the human behaviors and capabilities that underpin our entire economy. Unfortunately, health-promoting design features are systematically underinvested because of a lack of clarity on their economic benefits. This publication argues in favor of biophilic design by examining scientific studies of the effects of nature on human productivity, preferences, and health in a variety of space types, and by assigning economic values to these outcomes as justification for investment.

This second edition of The Economics of Biophilia is a complete rewrite of the first edition, saving a few favorite studies and financial extrapolations from the first edition and introducing many new ones. Also new is a chapter on Hospitality, as well as the addition of brief case studies and practical Do-It-Yourself tips to each chapter. This edition draws on Terrapin’s experiences of supporting clients on developing biophilic design strategies and the most cost effective ways to implement them.