Creating Business Environments that Support Sustainable Human Resources

Creating Business Environments that Support Sustainable Human ResourcesFeatured Image

Stress in the workplace can cost organizations money and threaten the sustainability of human capital. Reducing workplace stress can save organizations money by reducing turnover and absenteeism. Green spaces are incorporated in many workplaces as simple means for improving focus and overall productivity. Meditation has shown similar effects, as well as general benefits to an individual’s mental and physical health. This research discusses the role of leadership in creating business environments that support sustainability of human resources and offers a viable solution for reducing workplace stress. This research article outlines a process for determining the costs of a workplace biophilic meditation space and it provides a simple formula for calculating return on investment into a biophilic meditation space within the work place. The purpose of this paper is to propose a formula which can be used by businesses to determine the return on investment into creating biophilic meditation spaces within the workplace. The findings of this research indicate that combining benefits of biophilia and meditation by creating biophilic meditation spaces within the workplace can offset the costs of workplace stress. The benefits of this research are twofold. First, this research continues the conversations related to reducing the costs of workplace stress to organizations. Second, it highlights the need for organizations to engage in sustainable human resource practices in order to care for internal stakeholders.