Outside Our Doors

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WE ARE PLEASED AND HONORED TO INTRODUCE THIS MILESTONE REPORT FROM THE NATURE CONSERVANCY. The authors have worked carefully to present a comprehensive analysis of current evidence on how our human communities need nature in and around them to thrive. This report presents a panoramic view of how our cities and towns benefit from nature—on the streets, next to schools and hospitals, outside our windows; everywhere people are, we can benefit from nature. In 1865, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted was convinced that beautiful green spaces should exist in cities for all to enjoy. He wrote, “It is a scientific fact that the occasional contemplation of natural scenes of an impressive character… is favorable to the health and vigor of men and especially to the health and vigor of their intellect.” While Olmsted’s claim of “science” was based on intuition, he was on to something. Today, nearly 40 years of research reveal that nearby nature supports a wide range of positive health outcomes for people.