Greening the Great Indoors

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In the current project a simultaneous study will be made of the effects of pot-plants on both office air quality and human wellbeing; such a study has never previously been undertaken. To study occupant wellbeing, participants will be asked to complete a series of questionnaire surveys several times during the two projected experimental periods. The internationally validated surveys have been selected in collaboration with UTS colleagues, Professor of Psychology, Dr Ashley Craig, and Lecturer in Design and Architecture, Ms Leena Thomas, who will be responsible for data handling and evaluation of survey responses. Surveys include questions relating to satisfaction with the indoor space; direct comments on the presence or absence of plants in the office; short- and long-term feelings of fatigue; general health parameters; factors affecting concentration; and mood indices. In December 2007 we obtained final approval from the UTS Human Ethics Committee for use of the surveys. We also have approval from the UTS OHS Unit and the Personnel Management Unit, to obtain anonymous, treatment-grouped, staff absentee records, which are needed in estimating any productivity benefits of the indoor plants.