Design, productivity, well being

Design, Productivity & Well-Being: What are the Links?


  • Introduction
  • Buildings, Human Performance, and Well Being
  • Buildings as Habitats for People
  • Natural Comfort
  • Ephemeral Qualities of Space
  • Stress Reduction, Health, and Well Being
  • Summary of Implications for Health and Well Being
  • Buildings and Worker Performance
  • Links Between Nature, Emotional Functioning, and Performance
  • Building Features and Cognitive Functioning
  • Personal Control
  • Summary of Implications for Performance
  • Potential Links between Highly Effective Facilities and Organizational Success
  • Turnover and Organizational Commitment
  • Absenteeism
  • Organizational Impacts of Sustainability and Green Design
  • What Evidence Exists for these Links?
  • Worker Characteristics
  • Study Measures
  • Summary of “Before” and “After” Results
  • Differences among Manufacturing Shifts
  • Differences between Manufacturing and Office Workers
  • Can the Results be Attributed to the Building Features?
  • Conclusions


Design, Productivity and Well-Being: What are the Links?

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