• Why we should be living in “living” houses
  • What do light, color, gravity, and fractals have to do with our well-being?
    • Eight points of the biophilic effect
  • What kind of design triggers healing?
  • Modern architecture tells an incomplete story
  • What do historic buildings say about our connection to the natural world?
  • Why do we create ornament to mimic nature?
    • Cognitive rules for ornament
  • Modernist minimalism and our relationship with our buildings
  • The importance of listening to lessons from nature
  • Why we hug the edge of open spaces
    • Patterns that determine path



Nikos A. Salingaros, PhD, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Department of Mathematics

Introduction by Catherine O. Ryan, Terrapin Bright Green

Biophilia & Healing Environments

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