ASID: Design Impacts Lives – Pre/Post Occupancy Analysis 2017

ASID: Design Impacts Lives – Pre/Post Occupancy Analysis 2017Featured Image

The previous ASID office opened in 1977 and occupied a three-story single occupant building on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C., which was renovated in 1998 to include high partition cubicles, private offices, and formal meeting spaces. In 2012, the ASID National Board of Directors made the decision to sell the property rather than commissioning another renovation project. The property sold before ASID had acquired new office space, providing the opportunity to test out a different setting before determining a long-term future workplace. ASID rented workspaces at a co-working office (previous interim office), shrinking down to about ten percent of the space it formerly occupied. By testing workspace extremes and taking an innovative approach to work, ASID found a solution on 15th Street in Washington, D.C. (current office) that not only fits its current needs, but also has the agility to accommodate unpredictable changes in the future. Along this journey, ASID re-examined its work and work processes, and put research into practice by conducting a pre- and post-occupancy study of the office.