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Want to apply biophilic design to hearth and home? Acclaimed biophilic designer Oliver Heath and the team at Oliver Heath Design have produced this engaging and evidence-based course and we’re happy to help him share the share it. It’s fun, informative, well-paced, includes interactive quizzes and learning activities that make the design concepts memorable, and it might just get your Pinterest world rocking.

Learn more about this course here.

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Are Biophilic Offices the New Normal?

Biophilic design can support cognitive function physical health and is also said to promote mental and emotional well-being. Incorporating this into an office space can fight off mental fatigue and work stress. Read More & Retweet!

This Is Exactly Why Cities Need to Cover All of Their Buildings In Plants

“Measuring how building greenery dissipates all that is terrible about city life, including noise, pollution, and sweltering heat.” Read More & Retweet!

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Why is Biophilic Design Important? 3 Reasons

NewPro Containers share 3 important reasons to include biophilic design in built environments. Read More & Repost!

Google Wants Caterpillars, Birds & Bees to Attract the Next Generation of Workers to Its $2 Billion ‘Biophilic’ NYC Office

“It’s biophilic design connecting people more closely to nature will add numerous outdoor open spaces and reconnect the Hudson Square neighborhood to the waterfront.” Read More & Repost!

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Design by Unispace @unispaceglobal

📸 Hall + Merrick Photographers @hallmerrickphoto

Featured on @officesnapshots

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Design by Udesign Architecture @udesign_architecture 📸 Ibrahim Ozbunar @ibrahimozbunar featured on @officesnapshots

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