Biophilic Design in the Home

Learn how to implement Biophilic Design in the home with the Oliver Heath Design School

Acclaimed biophilic designer Oliver Heath and the team at Oliver Heath Design have produced this engaging and evidence-based course. It’s informative, well-paced, and includes interactive quizzes and learning activities that make the design concepts memorable.

The course registration fee is paid in British pounds. You’ll find a currency conversion calculator here.

Full disclosure: GPGB has affiliated with OHD to introduce you to this excellent biophilic design course. OHD will donate 10% your registration fees to GPGB. But this is not why we said yes. We said yes because this course “ticks all the right boxes” – it is well-produced, beautiful to look at, engaging with its interactive activities, and it shares the research evidence you need as you advocate for biophilic design features in the spaces you are working on.