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We’re thrilled to announce the creation of the Interior Industry Growth Fund (IIGF). Launched by GPGB, this all-new endowment will be managed by the National Horticulture Foundation (NHF). Read more here.

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5 Properties Bringing New Life to Biophilic Design

Some inspiration for biophilic design in residential developments. Read More & Retweet!

Biophilic Design is Part of the New Normal (And We’re Not Just Talking Office Plants)

Biophilic design aims to improve our wellbeing by strengthening our connection to nature in manufactured environments such as offices. Read More & Retweet!

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside: The Benefits of Biophilia in Architecture and Interior Spaces

Architects and designers are now searching for design solutions that will resonate well into the future, turning to ‘biophilia” as an important source of inspiration that promotes well-being, health and emotional comfort.  Read More & Repost!

Behavox Offices – Montreal

Simple, elegant, and bursting with greenery. Check out this breathtaking, community-oriented spaces. Read More & Repost!

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Moss walls and wood elements…match made in heaven! #biophilia

📷: @cityscapes_boston

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