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At Green Plants for Green Buildings, our purpose is communicating the aesthetic, environmental, productivity and health benefits of plants in the built environment. GPGB is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Read more about us >

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Are our workplaces killing us?

It seems that work as we know it may not be good for us. A recent report featured in The Huffington Post listed surveys and research papers concerning things that affect us negatively in the work space. There are even … Continue reading

Air Cleaning Technologies for Indoor Air QUality (ACT-IAQ): Growing Fresh and Clean Air

This article is in pdf format. To view it click here 2-Oct-13 10:15 AM

Prescriptions in a Pot

A few well-placed houseplants can help people recover faster from stress and feel less mental fatigue, research has shown. And another study suggests that simply being in a room with some greenery may reduce physical discomfort as well. When 198 … Continue reading

The Building Happiness Metric: My Light Bulb Moment at Greenbuild

Each year, Greenbuild offers attendees more than 150 educational opportunities. Beyond the practical learning and CEU credits, however, it’s the exchange of ideas, casual dialogue and new expo products that spark excitement and inspiration among attendees. In fact, networking ranks among the highest-rated reasons for … Continue reading

Don’t Worry Be Happy: The UN Happiness Summit

At first glance, this Monday’s high-level event in the UN General Assembly would appear to confirm the worst suspicions of UN skeptics. Given all the crises engulfing the globe, what geniuses in New York decided to have the tiny Himalayan … Continue reading