Your Investment at Work

Persistence and patience and – what a winning combination.

Persistence helps you accomplish your goals and moves you towards your destination, and patience helps you be more fully present and “enjoy the journey”. The merits of this winning combination were revealed to us earlier this month.

A year ago, GPGB board member, Joe Zazzera, and I approached the International Living Future Institute about adding interior landscapers to the list of design team stakeholders invited to convene at biophilic design charettes.

This May at ILFI’s Biophilic Design Summit the revised stakeholder list debuted…and I felt a thrill when I saw that interior landscapers are on the list.

And as we dug into a Summit workshop exercise – the prompt was “at what point should each of these stakeholders be involved?” – everyone at my table turned to me wanting to know more about these professionals and what differentiates them from landscape architects. It felt wonderful to see the seed planted over a year ago begin to grow and to respond to their questions.

As interior horticultural specialists, interior landscapers are uniquely well-qualified to design, install and maintain NATURE IN THE SPACE, one of the three pillar concepts of biophilic design.

Thanks to our supporters, GPGB is conducting these essential, relationship-building conversations with architects, designers and contractors.

We are building collaborations to supply the growing demand for nature in the built environment.  If you’d like to help us, please follow this link and become a donor.


With gratitude,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator