This month’s message isn’t about GPGB. It’s about what some of the HENA growers on the Big Island of Hawaii are experiencing.  Three out of HENA’s seven board members have lost their nurseries and homes. Atmospheric conditions due to volcanic gas are damaging other floral and foliage crops not directly impacted by the lava flow.

These times call for resilience – the positive adaptation to disruptive changes. And research tells us that social connectivity strengthens healing networks, helps build resilience.

Next month GPGB board members Kathy Fediw and Mike Senneff will be speaking at HENA’s MIDPAC and exchanging information with the Hawaiian growers, brokers, and designers, our partners who keep our industry so vibrant. Their networking is helping our industry #BuildResilience.

Reach out and contact your Hawaiian suppliers. Keep your network strong