Your Investment at Work

This month we’re celebrating seven new Registered Trainers. The five graduates below are authorized to present Living Walls Case Studies and there are three new Moss Walls – A Biophilic Design Solution Trainers.

These professionals are connecting building professionals with information that lowers the barriers to specifying nature indoors.

Since mid-January, this group has already delivered the #BringNatureIndoors message to 104 A+D professionals and provided them with continuing education credit.

As of 2007, globally, the majority of humans live in urban settings. So the work these Trainers are doing is benefiting all of us who are residents of urban environments. And they are making their information memorable by connecting with their audiences in person.

Online learning has its upside, but face-to-face learning is “stickier”. These folks are showing up, making themselves available as a resource, sharing anecdotes, and being the evidence that we have professional solutions to sustaining nature in the built environment.

And as always is the case, while they are teaching, they are learning too; about their audience’s experiences with biophilic design, about themselves and their communication styles, and about how to tell a story.

A+D firms locate Trainers via this page on and when they don’t find a Trainer in their area, they contact the office. Right now, we could use more Trainers in Chicago and Cincinnati.

Some seedling programs beginning to sprout this February; expanding the number of installations profiled on GPGB’s Instagram page and developing the “Building a Biophilic Brand” seminar and workshop we’re presenting at Cultivate’20 on July 12. More news on these in the months to come.

The thoughtful support of our donors allows us to continue growing these programs and the #BringNatureIndoors movement.

If you think this work is important, and the spirit moves you, please join our efforts and become a Supporter.

With gratitude,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator

Congrats to these recent graduates of the Registered Trainer Seminar at TPIE’20 (right to left): George MacBeth, Scott Jones, James Woods, Simon May (instructor), Eric Wood, David Glosser, and Chad Osborn (instructor).

Registered Trainers, Jan. 2020