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Dear Supporters,

As a GPGB Supporter, you likely know the answer to the question, “what do the following have in common?”

  • Taking action to strengthen the interiorscape community’s relationships with building professionals. In a world where appreciation of intersectionality is growing, receptivity of these conversations is also growing.
  • Actions that amplify the research and voices of biophilic design thought leaders.
  • Creating content and providing access to easily shared information that will grow the demand for nature in the built environment.

As a Supporter, you know that these are methods GPGB uses to communicate the benefits of nature in the environments where we spend over 90% of our time.

So let’s dig into what we have to share this month!

Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing

Video – Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing in the NEW Workplace

The #StayPlanted team has added a video clip to the #StayPlanted library of sharable content: Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing in the NEW workplace.  Enjoy the video, then share it and spread the word about these biophilic design solutions. You’ll find the video at or on GPGB’s YouTube channel.

And from the library of sharable content: Creating Safer Working Environments with Plants – Use of Interior Plantscaping to Promote Social Distancing. The infographic is available in four formats (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).


Infographic – Creating Safer Working Environments with Plants


Our colleagues at US Green Building Council have advanced green building for over 25 years. Now, they’ve done the strategic work of establishing four pillars as their work focus for the next 25 years; Sustainability, Health and Wellness, Resilience, and Equity. This vision includes regenerative buildings, health and wellness concepts that include a healthy economy, building resiliency to withstand the severe weather events related to climate change, and equitable access to safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly places.  Exciting, achievable, honorable.

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate our interiorscape community and extend gratitude to some folks whose actions are helping GPGB accomplish our mission.

Our friends at National Interiorscape Network thoughtfully asked NIN members to make a donation to GPGB in lieu of paying a NIN webinar registration fee. NIN’s endorsement and support of our work is much appreciated.

And speaking of amplifying voices, Ellen Wells in her August Green Profit column highlighted several articles on GPGB’s social media and shared quotes from each article with her readers. She closed by asking her readers how they are preparing for increased customer demand for biophilic design. It’s a great question and worth investing time to answer.

So, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Thanks to your support, the mission to communicate nature’s benefits is being accomplished. The demand for indoor nature is growing, even in these challenging times, and perhaps because of these challenging times.

With gratitude for your support, #StayPlanted and Be Well,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator

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