Your Investment at Work

There is no doubt about it – biophilic design is having a moment.

At GPGB we hope to extend that moment into something much less ephemeral. We’re working towards a future in which biophilic design and access to nature are routinely incorporated into all our human spaces.

Your company is poised to play an important role in the conversations shaping the future of our built environments. Providing you with the insight to enable you to conduct strategic conversations is the goal of our Cultivate’19 seminar. We’re thrilled to share this information facilitated by our eloquent, experienced, and professionally diverse speakers. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn from them and join us on July 15 in Columbus.


Thanks to our donors, we are building collaborations to supply the growing demand for nature in the built environment.  If you’d like to help us, please follow this link and become a donor.


With gratitude,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator