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A New Remedy: Introducing Biophilic Designs into Hospitals

With biophilic design the “sterile” sensation of a hospital can be mitigated, creating something more pleasing to all senses with the sight of lush green, sound of flowing water & the smell of fragrant plants. Read More & Retweet!

Nature as Designer: Biophilic Design in Modern Placemaking

Public places need to appeal and draw people in; however, they also need to be good for us. In short, biophilic design has become a vital aspect of placemaking, place branding and destination marketing. Read More & Retweet!

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Designing Living Walls & Green Roofs Could Be Your Next Future-Proof Career Move

Living walls and green roofs are one of the many ways to transform new & existing building. Their increased popularity presents career opportunities for those who are passionate about horticulture and green infrastructure. Read More & Repost!

Biophilic Design: What Is It? Why It Matters? And How Do We Use It?

Check out his article from Building Design Construction as it talks about the beneficial aspects of biophilic design. Read More & Repost!

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This is what happens when employees volunteer to help design their own workspaces.

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