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This month we are excited to link you to the latest in the #StayPlanted library of sharable content, Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing.

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#StayPlanted: Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing

Enjoy this brief and upbeat video from the #StayPlanted library of sharable content. Then share it and spread the word about biophilic design solutions to social distancing. You’ll find it on or on GPGB’s YouTube channel.

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Green Roofs Can Make Cities Healthier and Happier. Why Aren’t They Everywhere?

The green roof market is growing, but there are hurdles facing this promising form of architectural sustainability. Read More & Retweet!

How Biophilic Design Impacts Wellness

Often, healthcare facilities represent “nature” with a potted plant on a plastic laminate counter. But hospitals could save $93 million in healthcare costs annually by providing patients with authentic connections to nature.Read More & Retweet!

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How Green Walls Relate to The WELL Building Standard – Living Architecture Monitor

Green walls can help create a more sustainable workplace by boosting employee happiness and productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving well-being. Read More & Repost!

More Than Décor: Houseplants Can Boost Your Mental Health While COVID-19 Has You Stuck Inside

Plants can reduce stress levels and help you mentally refresh when you feel exhausted. Plus, the color green is linked to increased creative thinking. Read More & Repost!

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Barriers created with plants are much more pleasant than those without.

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This custom #mosswall is a work of art.

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