What to expect after your purchase your self-study course

Upon processing the request for your course(s), you will be emailed the course study materials.

  1. Review and complete the Comprehension Exams for the course(s) you have requested. One study guide and exam are specific to the course(s) you are taking, the other study guide and exam is specific to the responsibilities and protocols of a Registered Trainer.
  2. Email the completed exams to for review along with the completed signature forms required by AIA (Speaker Agreement) and IDCEC (Instructor Information).
  3. After your exams and forms have been reviewed you will be notified and an acknowledgment of completion will be emailed to you along with a link to your presentation materials on the Registered Trainer Google Drive portal.
  4. Your new status as a Registered Trainer will be added to your company’s listing on the ‘Find a Provider’ page of