Prize Details: MossWallArt™ by Plant Solutions

Thank you for participating in the Survey on Biophilic Design Elements: Indoor Plants!

After completing the survey your email will be entered into a drawing to win this MossWallArt™ piece.

Description: MossWallArt™ by Plant Solutions are real moss and lichen that has been dehydrated of moisture and re-hydrated with glycerine. They require no maintenance once constructed. They should never be exposed to direct sunlight as they will fade in the outdoors. This makes them a perfect product for the interior environment, without the ongoing maintenance costs of living walls.

Our moss is sustainably harvested by harvesting small patches in areas that are not harvested again for 5-8 years, allowing time for the moss and lichens to re-grow. We are very concerned about this, and although we do not harvest ourselves, we monitor our vendor’s practices.

The pieces are attached to a substrate using various techniques depending on the moss types and organic material included in the piece.

Dimensions: 24″ x 24″, including frame.

Shipping: Shipping within the continental United States is included. This offer is not available to a prize winner with a delivery address outside the continental US.

For further question, please contact the GPGB office at 707-467-9417.