How & Why Potted Plants Clean Indoor Air

How & Why Potted Plants Clean Indoor AirFeatured Image

Over 80 % of Australians live in cities, where we spend about 90% of our time indoors. A number of studies have shown that indoor air generally contains higher levels of contaminants than outdoor air – often several times higher concentrations. Over 350 VOCs have been identified in indoor air, and although usually in very low concentrations, they are now recognized as causative agents of ‘sick-building syndrome’ or ‘building-related illness’, symptoms including headaches, sore eyes or throat, loss of concentration, nausea & breathing problems. All VOCs are to some extent fat/oil-soluble (ie, lipid-soluble). Thus they tend to dissolve in and disrupt cellular membranes, and hence cell function. Of course, not all indoor environments are hazardous, but, from our latest research, summarized below, it turns out that potted-plants can improve indoor air quality substantially whenever it is needed – a very clever trick!