International Well Building Institute: Well Building Standard V2

International Well Building Institute: Well Building Standard V2Featured Image

As humans, we have always been dependent on our environments to nurture and sustain us. We rise with the sun, we eat off the land, we make shelter of stones and trees. We need water, air and light to survive. We need good water, good air and good light to thrive. We build structures to protect ourselves – from nature and other forces. And we spend increasing amounts of time in these structures, living more than 90% of our lives indoors. Our buildings are designed to keep us safe, to protect us from the elements. But many of the places where we spend our time also get in the way of our health, putting one degree of separation between us and that which has always kept us alive. Nature has long been our caretaker. With intentional design, our buildings can be too. Thanks to an evolving and growing evidence base, we understand more about the relationship between our environments and our health than ever before. We know how to create spaces that enhance, rather than hinder our health and well-being. We can measure- and then improve – the quality of our air, water and light. We know how to design environments that fuel our bodies, keep us moving, inspire our best work and facilitate a good night’s sleep. Through the vehicle of WELL, IWBI helps to translate what we know into what we practice.