Cities Alive Green Building Envelope

Cities Alive Green Building EnvelopeFeatured Image

We want to shape a better built environment; one that is better for its inhabitants while also being sustainable and affordable. Urbanisation is accelerating around the world and will continue until 7 bn people live in cities by the end of the century. Can these cities be improved by increasing their vegetation content, particularly in building façades? Can we use these green façades to reduce energy consumption and improve air quality and people’s well-being? These are complex questions that demand a multi-disciplinary approach to reach a reasonable view. Experts from eight skill networks around the world came together in Berlin in 2015 to cross-examine these questions using research already carried out. Working from the basic premise outlined in the “Cities Alive” document, we considered whether green façades can have a special role to play in improving our cities for their inhabitants. This document gives you some insight into our conclusions.