Applying LEED & The WELL Building Standard

Applying LEED & The WELL Building StandardFeatured Image

There are few synergies as connected and complementary as sustainability for both our planet and for people everywhere. Longevity is at the heart of the term “sustainability” – preserving and enhancing what we have now for generations to come. LEED and WELL work alongside one another to ensure that buildings and communities preserve energy and precious resources for a brighter and more equitable future; while supporting enhanced human health, well-being and performance. Not only do the philosophies behind LEED and WELL align, but the standards themselves are designed to work in conjunction with one another for maximum impact. Through a long-standing collaboration, the International WELL Building Institute pbcTM (IWBITM), the public benefit corporation behind the WELL Building Standard; and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), which administers both LEED and WELL; have supported the movement to create buildings that support both human health and environmental sustainability. IWBI, USGBC and GBCI have developed the following guidance to show how LEED can assist in meeting WELL, and to show how WELL can assist in achieving LEED. The following crosswalk document outlines where achievement of LEED credits and WELL features will provide achievement of a credit or feature in the corresponding program.