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Infographic – Biophilic Design: Connecting with Nature Indoors offers this infographic based on Oliver Heath’s biophilic design materials. Use it to help you make your case for biophilic design with project decision-makers. You’ll find the infographic here

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Bounty of Benefits to Buildings of Biophilic Design

The arrival of once-a-century pandemic has experts seeking healthier workplaces, and more closely examining biophilic design… Read More & Retweet!

Most Employees Would Forego Major Perks for this ‘Biophilic” Office Environment

Biophilic design, design that emphasizes the environment impact of built space, is linked to positive employee morale and cost-saving benefits. Read More & Retweet!

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Bringing The Indoors Out for Workplace Design

Experts in workplace design, from HLW, Pininfarina of America and Ted Moudis Associates, share insights on creating outdoor spaces for employees, as well as bringing nature inside. Read More & Repost!

Green Design Trends For Holistic Hospitals

Green design trends for holistic hospitals improve wellness while preserving the environment. Here’s an overview of what’s trending in hospital design. Read More & Repost!

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Plants are team players. These hanging plants are a fantastic addition to this custom signage. #justaddplants

📷: @variegatedchicago sign built by @iconmodern

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Plants are team players. These hanging plants are a fantastic addition to this custom signage. #justaddplants 

📷: @variegatedchicago sign built by @iconmodern

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