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Thanks to financial support from our Supporters, we represented the interior landscape industry at  NALP’s ELEVATE and IFMA’s World Workplace. We’ve redesigned our website to improve the user experience of both our Supporter and A+D communities. Read more about GPGB’s impact and how YOU can help.

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Interested in becoming a GPGB committee member or board member for 2 or more years? The industry needs people like you to step up to help make a change. GPGB is a volunteer-only organization so we are actively looking for those who are passionate about biophilia.

Whether it’s you or a friend, we would appreciate you filling out this committee nomination form. If you are already a committee member and you want to join the board, fill out this board nomination form. Please send your answers to or! To see our current board of directors, visit here.

Paige Tisdale, a GPGB board director and business developer for Dennis’ 7 Dees, is going to NALP’s ELEVATE and IFMA’s World Workplace conference. Paige is excited to contribute to the industry and speak on GPGB’s behalf. Click below to see what Paige has to say about GPGB’s contribution to the industry!

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We want to help you make your profile more appealing so your business thrives. We’ve noticed some Frequently Asked Questions lately such as:

  • Where can I edit my profile so it looks more attractive?
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We have the answers! Check out this video below to find out.

Check out this happy new plant parent! He’s beaming with joy because he was given a FREE plant in recognition of National Indoor Plant Week. Join the movement and spread the joy, one plant at a time!

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GPGB is making a difference and it’s because of our valued supporters. Below you’ll find our supporters and what level they are contributing at.

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