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GPGB President Janice Goodman was joined by Charles Carberry at Fidelity Investments and Simon Turner at Building Cognition LLC in leading a session at the BOMA 2022 conference. These industry experts shared cutting edge research and case studies providing evidence of the economic value of access to nature.

Check out this fun video recorded by Jan – click HERE.

Why is this important?  The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is a leading trade association bringing together commercial and real estate professionals across the globe.  This session allowed GPGB to educate and engage this audience about the many health and productivity benefits of plants in our building environment, both furthering our mission and strengthening our industry.

GPGB will be presenting at several conferences in 2022 and 2023. Next up?  Paige Tisdale, GPGB Board Member will present at the IFMA’s World Workplace Conference in September.  Stay tuned for more info.

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BOMA International Conference Video

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Elliott Bennett, the editor of i-Plants Magazine and founder of The Biophilic Design Awards, was interviewed by the Journal of Biophilic Deisgn. He discusses the benefits of Biophilic Design, its sustainability and more.

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“GPGB is growing the awareness of how biophilia, wellbeing and green building practices converge. They are creating a better corporate understanding of the value of interior plants that may once have been considered a mere luxury.”

– Jim Mumford, Good Earth Plants

Resources You Can Use

GPGB Peer Reviewed Research and Articles

Effects of Indoor Biophilic Environment on Stress and Anxiety Recovery

This report focuses on indoor-specific biophilic design and the impact on reducing stress and anxiety.

Click here to download!

The Sustainable Real Estate Program Handbook

This handbook offers key steps to what can be a difficult undertaking of developing and managing a successful Sustainable Real Estate Program. The goal of this handbook is to make it easier, faster, and more valuable for companies to be sustainability leaders and stewards in their communities.

Click here to download!

Nature in the News

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$300M Parterre 42 Unveiled In Design District, with Innovative Biophilic Design

“Parterre 42 will feature an innovative biophilic design that turns the building inside out and makes occupants feel that they are working in nature, the developer said.” #biophilicdesign #designinspo #biophilia

5 Surprising Ways Biophilia Can Work Its Way into Any Project: IA Interior Architects 

As humans we are inherently intrigued by and drawn to nature. Incorporating plants is an important factor in any biophilic scheme, but there are many other opportunities and considerations. Read more here!

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5 Pro Tips for Low Maintenance Indoor Living Walls: NewPro Blog

A couple characteristics of a low maintenance indoor living wall include minimal plant replacements, plants that don’t experience excessive leaf die-off and a placement location that is easy to access. Click Here to view more!

Doctors Increasingly Prescribe Time in Nature to Promote Mental and Physical Health

“There’s a whole field of study called biophilia,” said Brent Bauer, a doctor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. “That means that we’re wired to be connected to nature and those studies have actually proven time in nature can improve [our health]”. Read more Here!

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Preserved moss walls provide sound absorption and mood-boosting benefits. #bringnatureindoors #greenisgreat

📷: quiet_earth_moss

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Redline Design Group completed this inspiring #biophilic space for LendingTree‘s offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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