Images by delfi de la Rua, Milly Vueti, and M4x1mvs

Greetings plant people and biophilic designers,

Upsplash, is a photography and video website used by graphic designers and other creatives. As part of their Greener Cities topic, Upsplash is running a program designed to spread the word about the importance of greenery in our cities, on our planet, and on our health.

Until May 29 at 4:59 pm (ET) Upsplash is inviting folks to submit images of trees and plants in urban environments. On May 5, I looked at what had been uploaded so far. There are beautiful, high-quality images with gorgeous colors … and most of them are taken outside. There are far fewer shots of abundant interior greenery.

So let’s grow the movement!

Let’s get stunningly beautiful photographs of indoor greenery into the hands of marketers, graphic designers, and other creatives so that they can use these pictures in their projects, inspire others, and help us grow our appreciation for biophilic design.

Want to be part of this movement growing the desire for indoor nature? Read the submission guidelines & license info (Creative Commons Zero), and upload your best. The uploaded images are curated by Upsplash’s team of editors to ensure that they meet quality standards.

If you find your images aren’t up to snuff, consider investing in a professional photographer to take images at high resolution.  Your awards program and marketing teams will thank you for it.

This program is free to everyone, the folks uploading their photographs, and the creatives downloading them.

To kick off the GPGB community’s contributions to “Greener Cities”, GPGB president Jan Goodman is uploading photos from her award-winning company’s portfolio.

Have fun!

#StayPlanted and Be Well,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator