Fall is “back to school” season!

At GPGB your investment makes it possible for interiorscapers to enroll in self-study Registered Trainer courses.  We’ve created self-study versions of the Registered Trainer topics most frequently requested by architects and designers: The Economics of Biophilic Design, Living Walls, Green Roofs, Moss Walls – A Biophilic Design Solution, and Authentically Green Interiors.

What is empowering about taking the training this way? Flexibility.

Your pace = progress through the slide deck and study materials at a rate that works for you and your workday schedule.

Your place = training is conducted where ever you are. This is a great option if traveling to a training seminar is difficult or if you have a presentation to make before the next training is scheduled.

Thank you for partnering with GPGB. Together we are making interiorscapers integral in the pro-nature design choices architects, designers and building owners are making.


Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator