Your Investment at Work




Our mission at Green Plants for Green Buildings is to Communicate the Aesthetic, Wellbeing and Economic Benefits of Nature in the Built Environment.  As we navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s crucial to communicate the inherent benefits of nature and plants in our customers’ businesses.  We cannot have plants viewed as non-essential and discretionary, but as an element that improves the indoor environment and employee’s overall wellbeing.  And we have the information to make the case.

We are in unprecedented times.  Public gatherings are limited in size, consumers are hoarding food and supplies, schools and university systems are closed, and emergency public funds being tapped.  All of us are living in the uncertainty of the future.  Many are quarantined or imposing a self-quarantine to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the infection curve.   People are stressed and fearful.  We need nature now more than ever.

Our clear, individual messaging to customers on the benefits of plants is critical to avoid outright service cancellations.  We need to provide the facts on why the plants and horticultural services need to stay.  GPGB has the tools to help.

On GPGB’s website, the Well-Being Benefits of Plants paper is summarized by Charles Hall and Melinda Knuth, a professor and graduate student respectively of Texas A&M University.  The paper is a technical reference to world-wide research.  We may not use this paper in our individual communications (it’s likely too technical), but it will give you a foundation to speak authoritatively as to why plants are important in business and how they improve business results.

The paper focuses on the health and wellbeing benefits of plants, so important in times like these. A few of the highlights and talking points are:

  • Offices experienced a 15% increase in productivity when plants were included in office space
  • Employees with plant views have fewer headaches and completed concentration tests 19% faster than those without plants
  • Workers in offices with poor light without natural views use more sick leave hours
  • Plants at work are significant in employee perceptions of friendliness, comfort, and freshness of the workplace
  • 97% of employees would like to have more plants in the workplace


For a visual tool, the Global Human Spaces infographic is easily understood.  Its findings discovered a 6% increase in worker productivity while other research found a 15% increase.  However, the infographic is easy to share and understand.  For even more GPGB curated information on plant benefits, check out more articles here.

So, what’s our message?  Our message is that plants create healthy environments where people flourish!  The monthly spend our customers have on their plant program is offset many times over with reduced workplace stress and increases in productivity.  In uncertain times, we should provide our customers the solid facts on how plants improve the business environment, and why they need to stay.  They are a great investment.  The research articles provide you the data to convey the message.

We will make it through this health crisis together.  As an industry, we need to stand united and convey a clear message that beyond aesthetics, plants work to improve business results.

Wishing you wellness,

Mike Senneff

President, Green Plants for Green Buildings