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To support and improve human health, well-being, and productivity by incorporating elements of nature in the indoor environment.


Engage in the exploration of the biophilic design potential for the project and implement a minimum of five design strategies which incorporate biophilic design elements. Each design strategy must address at least one specific biophilic design concept as referenced from either 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design, from Terrapin Bright Green (see Table 1), or Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life, by Kellert, Heerwagen, and Mador (Table 2). One of the biophilic design concepts must be from Table 1 OR from the Place Based Relationships section from Table 2. 

Additionally, design strategies can include fostering human-nature interactions, or providing sufficient opportunities for human-nature interactions within the building and within the project boundary, external to the building, creating an environment that ties the landscape and interior environments together.

GPGB’s Paige Tisdale on Green Building Matters Podcast
Show Highlights:

Tips encouraging sustainability by incorporating greenery in design for all commercial services with varying environments.

Paige’s company can help develop and design for all commercial services and multi-tenant buildings to increase aesthetic and knowledge.

The Oregon State Treasury Building is one of the first buildings of its kind in the nation as a resiliency building that will withstand any disaster.

Understanding the benefits and difference in designing with moss art walls vs Living Wall in Biophilic design.

Benefits of IFMA, the facility manager’s trade organization.

Green Plants For Green Buildings is a national organization trying to bridge the gap between architects, designers and interior landscapers.
a. Research and education on why greenery is important for our wellness in our built environment.
b. CEU courses to support your credentials.
c. Connection to Biophilic design, Fitwel, the WELL Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge.

Tips for how architects can coordinate and collaborate with interior landscapers to select products and materials that support the foundation and design of buildings.

Help companies with their brand image by creating better wellness rooms or lounge spaces to increase productivity.


Attendees will leave with the knowledge of how living green walls bring the research-based benefits of biophilic design and its positive effect on human well-being and productivity into the built environment, and the critical design considerations when specifying a high-performing and sustainable living green wall.

“How to Specify Living Walls” speaks to the specifier, tells them what the specifying considerations are, and also has more recent case studies.

Jan Goodman, GPGB Board President and Owner and President of Cityscapes Inc.along with Erica Weeks, Associate Principal and Director of Sustainability with Hastings Architecture, LLC, will present on Attracting and Retraining Tenants with Biophilic Design on behalf of GPGB at BOMA 2023
June 24 – 27
Kansas City, Missouri 

The BOMA International Conference & Expo (Building Owners and Managers Association) is an opportunity to learn from and network with your industry peers. Commercial real estate continues to evolve as buildings become smarter and the way people work shifts. Update your knowledge for the year ahead and discover innovations and opportunities that will help you further your career—all while engaging with the best network in the business.

Featuring  Jan Goodman, GPGB Board President and Owner and President of Cityscapes Inc. will be speaking on behalf of Green Plants for Green Buildings at Cultivate’23. Join them for THE GREEN INDUSTRY’S MUST-ATTEND EVENT

Join us to learn best practices and foster business connections so you and your business can perform better, grow faster than ever, and are prepared for the future.
July 15-18
Columbus, Ohio

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We are people with plants, making life better.

Green Plants for Green Buildings exists to provide resources for design and office professionals to communicate the aesthetic, well-being, and economic benefits of nature in the built environment. As a Supporter of GPGB, you help make this possible! You have taken a step in supporting the benefits of nature!

Your knowledge of nature and being able to explain and incorporate biophilic design into the built environment is critical. We now have an ROI Calculator that will help you tell your story.
Green Plants for Green Buildings is committed to helping you create a functional and appealing space for you and your clients. Gain the knowledge you need to confidently add nature to your next project and help your clients reap the benefits of incorporating nature into their built environment by utilizing our Resource Library with a wealth of peer reviewed research and articles.
Adding nature to your next project has a wide variety of benefits. From increasing property value to improved productivity and wellness for employees, the benefits of nature add up to a big win for you and your clients!
Volunteers are what make GPGB a success! Supporters are encouraged to get more involved by volunteering to share their expertise and experience on a committee, on the Board or on the Executive Committee. It’s a great opportunity to meet others in the professional biophilic community!
What can GPGB do to have more of a positive impact throughout the biophilic industry? We have created new enhanced levels to support our Supporters! The new enhanced levels and added supporter benefits will be available at the end of this month. While you can stay at your current level, you are encouraged to select one of the new enhanced levels in order to receive all of the benefits. A GPGB Board Member will be reaching out to you to discuss your options.

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GPGB depends on the work of volunteers to carry out our strategic initiatives and fulfill our mission. Serving on a committee is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. If you can make a minimum two-year commitment, the industry needs people like YOU! We are actively looking for committee members who are passionate about biophilia.

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Biophilic Gallery

When life gives you grapes, you make wine! This is the beautiful space created in the cellar of a unique and modern new Winery located in Fredericksburg, Texas. While the natural elements and endless views of nature were hard to miss throughout the rest of the property, the cellar needed to captivate and entice the guests to engage in conversation, remember the cellar, and feel they were touring a wine cellar in the hills of Italy.

The cellar had two large bare walls that exceeded 25 feet wide and 12 feet tall. These walls enclosed and restricted space for décor and respect for nature. We designed two large living walls that are twenty feet tall, 8 feet wide, and house over 810 plants! We created the design to mimic the rolling hills in the Wine Country.

Natura wanted to incorporate the colors of the furniture and the stone features of the structure. Pops of color were added utilizing bromeliads and incorporated hues of silver by incorporating dracaena warneckii. With Fredericksburg, Texas being the second most popular winery destination in the nation, Natura knew everything from the framing material to the hues of the plant selection would influence the impact that this living wall has in the cellar.

Photo Credit: Cody Jones
Project: Slate Theory Winery 
Installed by: Natura

Located in San Francisco, Segment is a platform that collects, translates, and routes data for businesses, and they wanted their office to be more inspiring with a focus on sustainability and biophilia. In order to achieve this they contacted Ambius. Laura Burns-Lambert and her team designed the green office of their dreams. This included hundreds of containerized plants of all shapes and sizes, a large logo-infused green wall in the lobby area, and green walls to separate office spaces. Ambius delivered exactly what the client wanted.

Credit: Twilio Segment Blog and Ambius
Installed by: Ambius

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