Greetings plant people and biophilic designers,

This month, thanks to our Supporters, we’ve been talking with several biophilic design advocates working in the real estate and investment communities. They are participating in our strategic planning meetings and sharing their perspectives on how to lower the barriers to funding interiorscaping in their buildings and with their companies.

Our strategic planning conversations started in April and with impeccable focus our facilitator Josie Plaut has guided us through a series of sessions that are grounded in a regenerative approach to reviewing GPGB’s mission and methods.

Today, biophilic design is truly “having a moment” and receptivity to incorporating nature into buildings is high. How can GPGB contribute to sustaining this “moment” and grow it into something that transcends a trend?

GPGB’s vision to elevate the cultural reverence for nature through plants and grow the demand for nature, indoors and out, is taking shape.

How can GPGB’s vision attract collaborators and co-creators to help us grow the demand for nature?

Our present strategic work is to identify the three to five allied professions with whom GPGB will collaborate for the next five years. At the top of the list right now are these communities: human resources, real estate investors and building owners, chief medical officers, school superintendents, landscape architects and chief sustainability officers. Did you know this last profession has a credentialing organization?

With the help of our strategic planning friends, we’ll identify which media these professionals read and watch, and which conferences they attend.

And with their assistance as subject matter experts, we’ll create continuing education courses, and conference presentations, as well as “bite-sized”, sharable insights relevant to their professional community.

At the same time, we’re keeping our roots firmly planted in our origins, what Josie calls “our First Line Essence. We know this to be 1. experiencing the value of plants, 2. joyfully growing a field of practice, and 3. mastery of technical practices. We’re telling everyone listening “interior plantscapers put the plants in biophilic design. Partner with a professional.”

To accomplish these strategic initiatives, we need to engage marketing help who will create content from our slide decks, manage our online community, and help us measure and evaluate the productivity of our efforts.

GPGB’s core purpose is to be the catalyst for developing a community of professionals and practitioners who connect people to the aesthetic, wellbeing, and economic value of plants in the places where we work, learn, heal, and live.

Thanks to our Supporters, we’ve got an updated strategic plan.

And we need a little more support to execute the plan, especially the marketing components mentioned above.

If you are not already a Supporter, and if the spirit moves you, please join your voice with ours.

Be a catalyst for wellbeing.

#StayPlanted and Be Well,

Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator

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