Hello like-minded Nature Advocates,

There have been no “lazy days of summer” for GPGB!

On July 1, we received the wonderful news that GPGB.org had 10,478 visits in June. These are visits from unique IP addresses in a 24-hour period.

Some of these are visitors to this page where, thanks to our supporters, we are curating research papers and articles to amplify the work and voices of biophilic design thought leaders.

Plants provide a direct experience of nature which mitigates the negative impacts that stress, distraction, and over-stimulation have on our bodies. This can happen in a work-from-home office or in the workplace. How do we know biophilic design works? Lots of research supports this and here you’ll find information you can use to make the case for bringing nature indoors.


Last month, the most frequently downloaded papers were the new research from UC Davis and University of Oregon on built environment considerations to reduce Coronavirus transmission and the updated literature reviews by Dr. Charles Hall and Melinda Knuth at Texas A&M.

Looking for more information and inspiration? Check out the International Well Building Institute’s Places Matter series. These webinars are on-demand and free. The Places Matter series speaks to essential and relevant topics including fostering resilience, microbial interactions, and investing for health (institutional investors). I recently watched Places Matter for Stress and Immunity and found it helpful in thinking about how GPGB will accomplish our mission.

My theme for this update seems to be learning resources. I’d like to share one more resource and thank Jenny Ricciardi for asking the question. Instagram posts are not as easily shared as those on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. “Regraming” requires you to use a third-party app. This how-to article will get you started using Instagram to communicate the AWEsome benefits of nature in the built environment.

Coming soon – more GPGB news including:

  • Highlights from Kenneth Freeman’s Cultivate’20 Virtual presentation “Building a Biophilic Brand for Your Company”,
  • Updates from GPGB’s “Survey on Biophilic Design Elements: Indoor Plants”, a survey of building professionals (architects, designers, building owners, etc.).
  • The latest #StayPlanted materials (a slide deck and new infographic).

These accomplishments are happening because of our donor’s thoughtful and loyal support, which is consistent even during these challenging times.

If you are not already a Supporter, and if the spirit moves you, please join GPGB in our mission to increase access to nature in the built environment.

#StayPlanted and Be well,

Mary Golden
Advocacy Incubator