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Over the years, the GBCSA Convention has been working towards achieving a sustainable future. From Dare to Lead, the Race to Zero, Beyond Shaping Cities of Tomorrow and, finally, Near Possible – Mapping the Path to a Sustainable Future – they all represented the collective drive towards achieving a built environment in which both people and planet can thrive.

Now, in 2021, as we continue to adapt to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and with climate change effects being felt more around the world, it all comes down to ONE. We only have ONE chance to get it right. ONE chance to implement the roadmap to sustainability and regeneration to save our ONE planet for this generation and the next.

ONE represents action – aggressive, ambitious and innovative. ONE represents one people, united against the threat of climate change. It represents one individual after the other joining together to create ONE collective that has the power to change everything.

Ultimately, it’s about creating a global built environment that acts as ONE powerful force of nature, effecting meaningful change that counts.

We hope you will join us – 20 twenty ONE, the year we make every voice count.

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