Our CE course, The Economics of Biophilic Design, is approved for SHRM credit! What does that mean for you as a Registered Trainer?

This means you may make presentations to local SHRM chapters and HR professionals, and help them earn a Professional Development Credit (PDC) toward their recertification requirements. Find your local chapter here.

How does this help you grow your business and impact our industry?

As businesses reopen across the country, HR teams are influencing the safety and wellbeing of everyone returning to the office. When you present this course, you establish your expertise in the biophilic design space and introduce your company as a provider of safety and wellbeing solutions.

Important Details:

  • Each presentation must be registered ahead of time for PDC to be given. Please call or email the GPGB office to obtain your unique class code.
  • Look for the updated slide deck in the Registered Trainer portal on GPGB.org.
  • We have created the forms for SHRM presentations. Look for them on the RT portal.
  • To receive their CE credit, attendees self-report and submit the Certificate of Completion you’ve given them as evidence of their attendance. Look for the SHRM certificate on the RT portal.

Download the new SHRM presentation materials from the RT Portal here.

If you are not authorized to present Economics of Biophilic Design and would like to, you can take the course through our Self-Study program here.









#StayPlanted and Be well

Mistara Markwell
Registered Trainer Support Manager