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This month we are excited to link you to the latest in the #StayPlanted library of sharable content, Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing.

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#StayPlanted: Biophilic Solutions to Social Distancing

Enjoy this brief and upbeat video from the #StayPlanted library of sharable content. Then share it and spread the word about biophilic design solutions to social distancing. You’ll find it on or on GPGB’s YouTube channel.

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How Biophilic Design Makes for Better Healther Commercial Spaces

Our health can no longer be ignored, and incorporating biophilic design that’s proven to improve well-being and productivity into workspaces is critical. Read More & Retweet!

TBiophilic Design: Embark on the Road to Wellness

Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates…Read More & Retweet!

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Urban Oases: Green Roofts Around the World – In Pictures

Green spaces have a demonstrable effect in mitigating the urban heat island effect, but with city space at a premium, developers are increasingly looking to the skies for a solution. Read More & Repost!

Beyond Biophilic Design: How to Operate Natural Buildings

When biophilic design decisions are being made, facilities managers should be at the table to ensure the vision endures throughout the building’s life cycle. Read More & Repost!

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@mancini_duffy created a co-working space full of natural elements and tons of incredible #naturallight for  @theassemblagenyc#biophilicdesign  #bringnatureindoors  #newyorkcity

Featured on @officesnapshots
📷: Garrett Rowland

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