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We have great news!  We will be presenting at the 2022 BOMA International Conference this year in Nashville, TN!

Green Plants for Green Buildings President Janice Goodman will be joined by Charles Carberry at Fidelity Investments and Simon Turner at Building Cognition LLC in leading a session “Boosting Occupant Wellness and Productivity with Biophilic Design – Case Studies From Visionary Corporations” on Monday, June 27th. These industry experts will share cutting edge research and case studies providing evidence of the economic value of access to nature.

Why is this important?  The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is a leading trade association bringing together commercial and real estate professionals across the globe. This session allows GPGB to educate and engage this audience about the many health and productivity benefits of plants in our building environment, both furthering our mission and strengthening our industry.

Join us if you will be attending the conference!

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Offices with Integrated Greenery: 7 Notable Examples

How can plants become protagonists of the workspace? Read more and Retweet!

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5 Surprising Ways Biophilia Can Work its Way into Any Project

Incorporating plants is an important factor in any biophilic scheme, but there are so many opportunities and considerations well beyond greenery.

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Liverpool ‘Green Wall’ Feature Unveiled in City Center

This 89 ft wall of greenery is designed to provide a natural barrier to traffic pollution. It features 8,000 “pollinator friendly” plants made up of 24 different species. #designinspo #biophilicdesign

Imagine Office Life if They All Came with Lush Green Gardens Inside

MOSS designed a two-story, 5382-square-meter lush green garden, named Central Park, upping the biophilia bar and hopefully setting a new standard for all future office builds. Read more and repost! 

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A Restaurant Office Gets a Makeover with Greenery + Natural Materials

Though these restaurants are different in cuisine, their common denominators include using natural ingredients in food preparation and natural materials in their interior design. 🌿 Read more and Repost!

Back to Business: Rethinking the Open Office

“With the pandemic’s toll impacting both physical and mental health, interior designers must consider deployment of biophilic design tactics that foster connections with the world outside.” Read more and Repost!

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