A cleaner, clearer and more current GPGB web site has
launched! While in it’s infant stages, we will be able to update easily and quickly via our new content manager system. Your input and materials (photos, case studies, editorials, etc.) are encouraged. Please send such materials to mj@greenplantsforgreenbuildings.org. Please indicate with signature that you release all rights of use to GPGB when submitting….we would love to include what you have to share!

Tracking hundreds of USGBC green build professional visitors
per month, we wanted to build a resource they would not only bookmark but, like
our current featured LEED Credit Project,  actually reference it
on the LEED Certification Applications.

As the former ‘find a provider” page reports indicated
heavy traffic, we wanted to make it easier than ever for those seeking
professionals in their region with a regional linked map and a smoother  index listings. The new site is a rich,
deep portal with designated paths specifically for building professionals,  interior landscape professionals and
consumers interested in incorporating the innovative use of plants in ways that
are consistent with LEED principles. Learn More

It offers a variety of ways interior plants can produce the
same desired environmental effects as many ‘green’ engineered products at
considerably lower cost. A key site feature is the LEED Credit Portfolio,
featuring rotating profiles of certified building projects that have
successfully earned credits toward LEED certification based on the inclusion of
indoor plants in the design. Also a LEED Showcase has been added which provides
shots of LEED certified projects which, while they did not earn credits for
plants, they did thoughtfully include them into their projects. A ‘Gallery of
Greenery’ has been started and will feature both award winning projects as well
as striking installations from every commercial sector and homes. Please feel
free to submit any shots you think would speak to the excellence of this

 There’s also an
overview of the most recent literature on scientific benefits of indoor plants,
including their role in reducing carbon dioxide in the environment. A wide
variety of published articles are posted as well as an index of green
initiatives undertaken by interior plant professionals. We have included a
region-by-region ‘Provider Locator’ to make it easier to find our supporters
where ever they are–including Canada and England. Key links to other trade
organizations, research and noteworthy case projects are The site is also meant
to spark interest in interior plants by featuring updated videos on the
wellness properties of interior plants and a gallery of award-winning interior

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1-Jan-10 7:00 AM