Over the past years, we have successfully conveyed our message using social media engagement, CEU presentations to designers, architects and building managers, and content downloads from our website.  And we’re seeing results through awareness and the increased use of plants and vertical gardens everywhere. Now it’s time for an additional messaging medium—video!

Video is a powerful medium for telling stories. Video gives us the combined force of sight, sound and motion. And because social platforms such as YouTube are communities, they are a place where our story of increasing human wellbeing by bringing nature indoors can build a movement.

We are asking for your support.  We are seeking funds to develop a professional video with real actors and creative scripting.  This video will be humorous and memorable, and one that leaves the viewers compelled to add more greenery into their spaces.  It will be available online for downloading by anyone who wishes to share this message with others.

We have already engaged Justin Bogardus, the producer of the award winning NatureRx  series with over 3 MM views, to guide us through the process. Our aim is for this video to go viral and match that number.

Please make a donation now and help us share this message of people + plants = wellbeing and productivity!

Best regards,

Mike Senneff

Board President, GPGB