Greetings plant people and biophilic designers,

2021 was a year of extraordinary interest in biophilic design and methods for increasing wellness and productivity in the places we work, learn, heal, and live.

How do we know this?

From reading papers like the World Green Building Trends 2021, which you’ll find here among other curated research papers and articles of interest to building and wellness thought leaders.

The Trends report specifically surveys biophilic design as a green building feature. The report contains these nuggets of insight and talking points to help you create a business case for biophilic design:

  • “Owners report that green new buildings and renovation/retrofit projects increase the asset value of buildings by more than 9%.”
  • “a 14-point growth in the share of those who intend to do the majority (more than 60%) of their projects green, from 28% doing so now in 2021 to 42% who plan to do so in the future”
  • And over ¾ of the respondents rated improved occupant health and well-being, and sustainable business practices as important/very important reasons for building green.

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Be a catalyst for wellbeing.


Mary Golden

Advocacy Incubator

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